15 Spinny

My date with the plasterer was a bit of nothingness I have to admit, I can’t quite tell if I’m jaded by the whole experience or what but this was my 15th date, I just couldn’t be bothered – quick coffee, see what I think then leave, none of this had worked before Christmas, why was it going to work after? Spinny was the actual name he gave me, nickname all his mates use apparently and he was from the same village I spent the second half of my childhood, except as we were chatting over coffee things he was saying didn’t make sense. I hadn’t been to the village in over 10 years but it couldn’t have changed that much? Well no it hadn’t, turns out he didn’t even live there, so he gave his nickname as a real name and lied about where he lived all because he was worried I may be a crazy internet stalker. Who knew that your name and area you lived in was so top secret…mind you after policeman no 3 maybe he had a point? Either way he said he didn’t like dogs and that was enough to rule him out.


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