Stalker alert

I found another stalker!! This time a Scottish stalker, we went on a date in the same pub I met the Scientist and actually it was an ok date, he was dark and brooding – you’d have to meet him to see it but dark and brooding is exactly the description for this guy. He had kids and a wife he was separated from, she was screwing him over for maintenance and he was paying for her house, her not to work, her new partner to move in and for his 2 kids. He wasn’t bitter though, he was over the moon living with his Mum!! Actually, it’s true he wasn’t bitter. He said he worked long hours, it had been that way for a year and he genuinely seemed only bothered because he couldn’t see the kids more, as they were in Scotland. We organised a second date and I was quite looking forward to it, I’d had a crap day at work however and was incredibly tired, he wasn’t too sure what time he’d be back from work, as an engineer he was on the road lots and by the time he’d text it was half 8 and I was half hoping he’d cancel, I did say I was tired, except when he immediately text back to say he’d just come and see me at mine it seemed just a little too keen, I told him it was fine and I’d meet him at The Pub, the same pub I’d met the Lazy Eyed Hobbit, the benefits Looser and cock man, but this was a second date so what could possibly go wrong?

Well for a start he turned up straight from work, he’d been out since 5am and stank to high heaven; it was a struggle to stop my nose from visibly curling up and to stop the gagging noises coming from my throat. I really couldn’t sit there for too much longer drinking and talking to this guy who needed to shower so badly paint was peeling and people from other tables noticed the smell. I said I was tired and had a headache, a cliché I know but to be honest I just didn’t care. Turns out if you have a headache what you need is a weekend away, it would appear he immediately got home and started organising a time for us to go away together, all expenses paid by him because it’s what I needed, fair to say when he text me all this the next day I panicked, what sort of person pays for a holiday for someone after just 1.5 dates?? Actually in hindsight I know, the sort of guy who’s taken to the cleaners by his ex wife and thinks money is all women want. He was way to persistent for my liking and each time I said no the offers just got more expensive, shopping, new clothes, a spa day…it’s a shame, but he’ll make someone a nice bitch one day.


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