What about – the current day

So I guess that brings us to now, 1 January 2013, I stated a while ago 2 things, one that I had 21 dates prior to What about, and yet I’ve only written up 17, that’s not a deliberate mistake so you weren’t sure when I would meet him I’ve simply forgotten them, 5 dates were so meaningless, there was nothing worth remembering – and it has been 10 months since I started writing this blog, that’s pretty depressing especially as some of the guys I have remembered were losers, although I’ve no doubt some of them think that of me!! The other thing is that whilst I was writing about other dates it meant that ‘what about’ was still on the scene and yet here I am writing. Well he is still about; I just hate leaving anything unfinished even if it is a blog that no-one reads! It’s been 10 1/2 months and whilst they haven’t all been easy and we have had a couple of rows I wouldn’t change him for the world – it’s a total bloody cliché but the minute I start writing about my dates, I meet someone not only that but our first date is on Valentines day and he is the one.

So highlights of the last 10 1/2 months. We went to my Sisters wedding in May, he looked amazing in a suit and we ended the night in a champagne bar on the beach For his birthday I took him away for the weekend and we drank champagne in Selfridges We have a boat – we like to drink bubbles on that also We declared our love at Butlin’s -Butlin’s don’t serve champagne We have our own Ginger Tom called Badger (His blog is to follow) – he does not like champagne We spent Christmas and New Year together – We drank Champagne

So there you have it, Internet dating isn’t easy, but no dating is but when you find the right person its worth it…he’s also just walked through the door after taking his Nephew fishing. Prince charming does exist and he’s all mine.


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