The footballer second date

By the time we got home we were exhausted, the dog had thrown up in the car twice and I just wanted a hot bath, the footballer had been in touch throughout as and when I could get a signal and wanted to see me, this time I was far too tired to go out so he came round, we had Chinese and I was warm, we laughed lots about the trip, except for the bit where I slept with Ady – surely a guy in the Army realises sometimes warmth is more important and who the hell cares when its separate sleeping bags on the same bed. Well he cared and that was that, still if I was in minus temperatures again I’d do exactly the same thing!


16 Footballer

Did I ever mention I dated a footballer? Well I did, I didn’t realise at the time though, if I had I’d have said no without a doubt, this guy told me he was in the Army, he was a fitness instructor and I am shallow, I did want to check him out for this basis alone. We had our first date in the George (Yes Stamford where you only go if someone else is paying) sadly we split the bill 50/50 and stuck to drinks only, no way I can afford a starter let alone a main. We actually had a really great time, a lot of laughing, never a dull moment, he didn’t try particularly hard at school but loved football and fitness and joined the army, when he was placed at near Rutland he was offered a place playing for a football team, and practiced every Thursday night and played most Saturdays. I politely explained I wouldn’t be going to watch and cheer him on but if he had fun and it didn’t cost much to kick a ball abut with a few mates then good for him, I’ll go shopping. He was insanely insulted by this point, not because I wouldn’t cheer him on, he agreed the girls doing that are a little bit pathetic and may as well wave their latest GU test results in the air but because I assumed he paid to play. Turns out he was he one getting paid, now he’s no David Beckham but £200 a match isn’t bad on top of an Sergeants’ salary – Now I knew why we were at The George, although had I bloody realised I would NOT have paid £9 for two drinks when it was my round.